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Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Hydraulic impact hammer has been widely used in piling construction of bridge, building, port, offshore wind power, oil platform and deep-sea structure installation. TZ designed "TZ" series hydraulic hammers which own complete intellectual property and instead for import from international monopoly. The series has been listed in the plan of major product by National Development and Reform Commission and Tianjin Science and Technology Commission.

TZ successfully manufactured hydraulic hammer TZ-2OO in 2011, hereafter designed TZ-500, TZ-800, TZ-1200 and TZ-1900 series medium-large size, in which TZ-1900 has turn into contract for customers. This hammer is unique and the largest designed and manufactured in China, can be used in piling for 5MW offshore wind power turbine.

Hydraulic Impact Hammer
Hydraulic Impact Hammer

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