R&D Institute-Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

R&D Institute

Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (TYHI)R&D center has established a specialized research institute focusing on mechanism system, electric system, hydraulic system and transmission system to deepen and expand the product development. TZ has made great efforts on new products development and technical breakthrough, increasing addition value of products via informatization and intelligent functions. Software NX-NASTRAN, ANSYS, ADAMS, UG and SolidWorks are widely applied in product designing, finite element analysis of parts, three-dimension simulation and virtual manufacturing; a modern design system that integrates modern design methods, modern analysis methods and remote diagnose and digital mock-up has taking shape. Product development is management via a closed loop, namely computer-aided analysis during early design, 3-dimension simulation, review of schemes and technical design, visual manufacturing, construction drawings, production validation in plant, field monitoring and confirmation by the customer and remote troubleshooting.

TZ R&D Center

TZ German CEC Center

The R&D center of TZ Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. is a provincial level industry R&D center with the functions of research, development, test and standardization. The center is knowledge-intensive and is capable of designing and developing complete equipment of fully mechanized coal mining and complete metallurgical equipment. 

As one of the National Certified Enterprise R&D centers of the first batch, R&D center of YUCI Hydraulic Company has gathered outstanding engineers and advanced product test equipment,has strong technical research and product development capability。 The center owns 75 machining equipment for product development and test equipment for product test。 12 of the 75 equipment are imported, including a B-level precision all-performance pump test bench that samples data for testing, draw performance curve and analyze the result automatically。 Such equipment is rare in hydraulics company。

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